Hi, everyone calls me Bil. I am a software engineering leader working at Spotify where I have worked mostly for the last ~7 years, besides a small stint another tech company and a YC startup (W22).

My journey began as a self-taught engineer on Windows XP at age 9 where I discovered web-based MMORPG firstly as a player, and then later as an operator. Through this I learnt to dabble in dozens of new technologies which I used to build consumer products throughout my teenage years.

I graduated with a 1st in my Computer Science degree at Manchester Met University where I also founded StudentHack which is the first student hackathon in the UK (and now running in its 11th year). I later co-founded the European division for Major League Hacking and attended (and won) hackathons in the UK, US, and Canada. I have also lived in Manchester, London, and Stockholm.

Since then, I have worked on cutting-edge projects across a variety of industries such as music, education, customer support, finance, and developer infrastructure. My core skillset mainly covers:

  1. Designing and implementing distributed backend systems
  2. Building and operating high performing teams
  3. Architecture design — especially as a polyglot engineer (web, mobile, data, and backend)
  4. Developer productivity — shipping meaningful code to production as fast as humanly possible
  5. Mentoring junior and mid-level software engineers
  6. Speaking at conferences
  7. Writing technical blog posts

Outside of work at Spotify, I spend most of my time exploring new areas such as web3, generative AI, deep tech startups, improving career growth for engineers, and others.

Speaking at a hackathon